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me in the Springtime,
when all is green and new,
Love me in the Summer,
when the sky is oh so blue,
Love me in the Autumn,
when the leaves are turning brown,
Love me in the Winter,
when the snow is falling down.

Love me when I’m happy,
and even when I’m sad,
Love me when I’m good,
or when I’m oh so bad,
Love me when I’m pretty,
or if my face is plain,
Love me when I’m feeling good,
or when I’m feeling pain.

Love me always darling,
in the rain or shining sun,
Love me always darling,
after all is said and done,
Love me always darling,
until all our life is through,
Love me always darling,
for I’ll be loving you…! 


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Sitting idle,she was looking out of the window pane… everything seemed so dull, though it was drizzling,it was hell boring.. she decided for a moment,and the next moment… opening the door .. she came out of the room .on the roof she stood still,facing the sky,with eyes closed… she held her breath… feeling a drop of water on the left cheek… “is it a rain drop?” she asked herself.. trying to feel the coldness of weather …then a drop after another … with her hand trying to remove drops from face.. she realized , although there were rain drops , but a few of them rolled out of her eyes,mixing with the drops of rain.. making it so confusing to differentiate if she was really crying? yes she was…… giving a sigh she wished if it rains too heavily today……!!Image

“hey..! you are standing here,and I’ve been looking around for u”… she heard someone … Turning around ,she saw her friend.before she would have answered, she heard again “ahhhh … not again, u might catch cold this way.. come in with me.. its getting darker….”  while saying this…her friend pulled her in…. 

“what happened..? is everything all-right with u? she was been asked by her friend …. “yes.. i am okay , nothing just happened”  she felt as if she replied ….!!


she was staying with her friend at her home, it had been more than 7 months she had visited her family.. she was missing her sweet brothers,sisters .. the tender love of mother .. and his father.. while coming from home she promised herself that she will visit her family after she would have done something that really brings shine in her father’s eyes, a pride for her mother, an honour for brothers and sisters. keeping this promise,it was about more than 7 months or so.. she had rarely talked to them…reason behind this sadness of her was unknown.. but yeah a friend is someone who realizes it even without being told….!!

today was her birthday… everything seemed so colourless.. at about 7 o’clock in the evening the door bell rang.. lying in the bed she decided to ignore thinking her friend might check it out.. after a moment or so, door bell rang again.. trying to ignore it again she pulled the blanked… meanwhile,bell rang again … this time it seemed loud…!! “ohhhh..!! finally it made me come out”.. saying this she moved to the door.. opening the door, she was stunned, astonished and freezed for a while… when,coming in… her family at once shouted “happy birthday  to u dear…” *ahhhhhh* what a delightful moment it was, one can only imagine if he has gone through this stage…….!! all her sadness .. vanished out .. she was really smiling.. letting out a shriek in wonder she made herself realize that it was not a dream… jumping with joy she hugged her mother.. kissing her sister.. she hugged her father.. everyone presented her with a gift — a delightful birthday gift….!! then she was able to see her friend , who was smiling looking at her… slowly her friend whispered in her ear “reason was unknown, but what happened now… all the sadness gone??”… hearing this, in lots of laughters she answered slowly “thanks a lot”…!! 


small things in life counts a lot… a small word of courage said by someone.. a hug .. just in need by someone very close… a laughter with friend … a stupid idiotic activity with sweet brothers and sisters… ahhhhh life is hell boring and tough without this… it really adds spice to the life…!! a real spice, a flavour.. sometimes bitter.. but a delightful one….so always be happy and thank GOD for u are one of those who are being blessed with GIFTS OF LIFE…!!


friends really add colours to life

life is truly said to be incomplete without friends and family….!! these are small things but counts a lot….. be happy that u are one of those who are blessed with both….!! 🙂

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a time comes in your life when u feel so blue, when u feel your value is not more than a rotten leaf, when everything around u turns out to be so meaningless… you feel like a dog sitting by the road is valued more than u.. at least when that dog runs after someone… it is being scolded, someone is there who shouts at it.. and u.. no one even likes to talk to u…the time when the person u love the most – is least bothered by u….the time when everyone seems so busy with their lives that none has got time to listen to ur single word…. relations turn out to be so for granted….  is it all you are called a human for? is it all u r being sent in this world for…? alas…!! *a sigh* and nothing more than that …………………………………….!!Image

such times are the most critical moments of one’s life… a person may call it under “depression” phase……?? is it really called so….?? here arises few ironic questions in ur mind… why cant a person … who is being blessed with uncountable talents realizes himself that he is the one who can do *unexpected*….!! why doesnt a person tackle himself? why a person feels so aimless, so reasonless? *ahhhhh* —- such dreadful moments….!Image

here comes the answer …..

there is nothing in this world a “human being” can not do… the fact that remains hidden is … there is lack of faith in one’s life, lack of hope, lack of optimistic attitude….!! why dont we make ourselves realize that everything in this world is so temporary… nothing lasts forever… every feeling has got an end………the thing that remains forever is the presence of GOD… the one who never ever ignores u, the one who does listen to u, who cares for u, who is always there for u… is ur ow, very own GOD… but…*sigh* i, u, we…. so busy with our lives that we dun get a time to ponder on.. to look at each and every part , each and every moment of the universe that reminds us of His existence…………………………………….

believe me, half of our problems get solved if we keep a strong , firm faith in GOD.. believing that everything he does is for our own good.. ultimately time proves it… the best comes to ur way… its the time to decide now or never….!! Image

turn to GOD .. before u return to GOD…..!!


in such dead times of life.. u need to be calm, patient.. making urslef realize every night ends up in a day….. there is absence of happiness for the sake of the fact dah u realize its value wen u have it after a *sadness syndrome*…

keep strong faith, never lose hope… and always trust urself for u can accomplish ….!! best of luck with it.. here u go…… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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MY LIFE………..

i havE SeeN flYing bIrds in CaGes…

haVe mEt peOpLe whO bElieve deStinY iS enGravd oN d PaLm oF tHeir hAnD..bUt sEen peOple chaNging tHeir FaIth..

ExpErienced luv ChanGex iNto hAtE..

i’ve sEen Love SoLd fOh MonEy..

seeN peOpLe trYing 2 mEet wEn reLationx r nEw…and Same pEoplE aVoiding Their Loved ONes WhEn rELation gRowx oLd…

sEen peoPLe whO r DevasteD froM insIde..buH 4m oUtSide dy r FuNny…

PeOpLe who rUled d wOrLd…ownd MoRe Than hALf ov a CiTy…nOw hIt d RoAd…

I’ve LeaRnt 2 eXpect d UNexPecteD,LeaRnT pErfEction dOesn’t exIsT…we R aWL dEfeCted…

EVery1 cRies…suM jUst trY 2 HyDe thEir TearS..

PpL r gUd wiD yoU oNLy uNtiLL you R guD 2 dEm…n u demaNd nOtHinG 4om ThEm….

hoW cAn i alOne trust …wen US liex right inside thE trUSt……?

How caN i bElieve LiFe….weN LIE lies right iNside beLIEve…and IF inside d lIFe…….?

sM1 mAy bElieVe yOu r 1 iN MiLLiOn…bUh 4 oTherX..u r JUst anOtHer nOboDy iN d TriLLion…….

NeVer Let AnyOne ChanGe YoU….

U sHuD NeVer Be AsHmEd To….WhAt YoU ArE GuD aT….

AnD wHat ThEy Can’T Do….Dy JuSt HaTE tHaT…

ThEy WaAnA PaiNt YoU…WanT To CoLoUr…WaNt AnOthEr…

WhAt ThEy UnExPeCt …WhaT thEy DuN See…

ThE bEst ThinG is WHiCh YoU Are ALreAdy:-)

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Hello world!

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